Attention to Details by Cathy Sheeter

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

Cathy Sheeter

Attention to Details


27.94 × 35.56 cm | 11 × 14 in

Scratchboard and Ink

  • Honorable Mention / Animals

This piece was created on Ampersand Clayboard, where I applied ink and then used traditional scratchboard subtractive techniques to achieve the depth and texture. Some of the tools I use are fiberglass brushes, x-acto knives, tattoo needles and more to create the various textures. The color is added with ink, which is easily scratched back through allowing for multiple layers of scratching and coloring to build luminosity in the work. I was attracted to this Ocelot's upward gaze, but the addition of spider web and feather were brought in from my imagination to tie it all together.  The title is a bit of a play on the medium, since the degree of realism I strive for requires an 'Attention to Details".