In Plain Sight by Anni Crouter

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

Anni Crouter

In Plain Sight


50.8 × 101.6 cm | 20 × 40 in

Acrylic on canvas

  • Third Place ($500 Cash Award) / Animals

It was a beautiful day in Africa when we set out in the morning in search of leopards. While on our way to an area known for them, we drove past this stunning tree. We stopped, basking in its beauty and taking pictures of it, then continued on. We found a leopard and observed her for a long time. So far, this morning was giving us nice photo opportunities. We drove away from her, leaving her in peace. We drove back by the beautiful tree and stopped again. The leopard circled back, and in a surreal moment, climbed into that same tree!