Snowy Owl's Haunt by TJ Cunningham

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TJ Cunningham

Snowy Owl's Haunt


68.58 x 111.76 cm | 27 x 44 in

Oil on panel

  • Honorable Mention / Landscape

I completed this studio painting using sources I created from life on a frigid January evening. The temperature was 4 degrees when I started painting and even colder when I finished. I painted in the company of a large and majestic snowy owl who spent most of its time on a fence post. It is interesting to consider how poorly adapted I am to the temperature of a January evening. For me, the beauty there was forbidding, and spending the night would be dangerous––even deadly. But, to the snowy owl, the conditions were perfect. I was a stranger there, enjoying a glimpse into the snowy owl's haunt.