Strung by Amanda Jones

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

Amanda Jones



35.56 × 40.64 cm | 14 × 16 in

Oil on panel

“Some experiences in life change the very fiber of a person’s being. They pull you apart and rearrange you into something new, discarding all that is non-essential. Battling stage three uterine cancer was this experience for me. As much as I wanted to resist the total disintegration of self, fighting this cancer unraveled me. But in the rebuilding I gained clarity, humility, and deeper compassion.

“This painting is part of a series exploring the complex emotions involved in such experiences.

“And to yell ‘Mama,’ when she cannot hear,
And to yell ‘God,’ when I don’t believe in ‘Him’ -Yehuda Amichai”
– Amanda Jones