Zain by Christopher Remmers

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Christopher Remmers



213.36 x 203.2 cm | 84 x 80 in

Oil on Belgian linen

  • Third Place ($500 Cash Award) / Imaginative Realism

“Originally inspired by Key 6, The Lovers card in the Tarot, Zain is the exploration of the masculine and feminine dynamic in our search for internal truth. At the crossroads of science and psychedelia, heart and mind, there is an emerging renaissance in which we are reconnecting with our sense of purpose and personal myth. What can we learn from these substances that overwhelmingly brings us to a place of felt unity with person and place? How can I re-orient a classic archetype so that the divine feminine and positive masculine are held in equal light? Zain follows the arch of the individual looking for meaning, finding fragmentation from the underlying sense of separateness and finally finding home in the cosmos as one.” – Christopher Remmers