Lohengrin and Elsa by Mikel Olazabal

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Mikel Olazabal

Lohengrin and Elsa


146 x 81 cm | 57 1/4 x 31 3/4 in

Oil on linen

This work is on loan from a private collection.

“The painting was awarded with a First Prize in the “Lohengrin” contest held by the MEAM museum and the Wagner Club with the collaboration of the Liceu Theatre and Katharina Wagner in Barcelona (2020). The scene represents Lohengrin and Elsa, characters of Wagner´s Opera “Lohengrin”.

“The story first appeared in the 13th century as a modernized version of the medieval legend of the Knight of the Swan. Lohengrin is the son of Parzival who, as a Grail Knight, arrives in a boat pulled by a swan and offers to defend Elsa and her kingdom that is in risk of being lost.

“I always liked the small illustrations that decorate early medieval manuscripts, something in their simplicity, the intrincate ornaments outside the margins, alongside the bright intense colors, have always kept my attention. I was very clear that this was the perfect chance to pay homage to it and maybe add some art nouveau aesthetics to it.” – Mikel Olazabal