Maria Antonia in MEAM Art Museum (美术馆中的) by Shuang Liu

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Shuang Liu

Maria Antonia in MEAM Art Museum (美术馆中的)


80 x 40 cm | 31 1/4 x 15 1/2 in

Oil on canvas

  • First Place ($2,500 Cash Award) / Portraiture

“In 2019, I met the full-time model, Ms. Maria Antonia, during the TIAC’s ‘Beyond Language-Figurative Painting in China’ invitational exhibition at the MEAM Art Museum in Barcelona. Ms. Maria Antonia is also the full-time model of contemporary figurative painting master Mr. Gruchou and her figure found in many representational works. The work, Maria Antonia in MEAM Art Museum, reflects the unique temperament that artists love in models and the elegance and tranquility unique to contemporary Spanish women. The model serves as a visitor and a sketching model during the exhibition in the art gallery. Ms. Maria Antonia’s meditation in her work expresses the thinking and performance that the model is both a participant and appreciator of art. The disappearing artist and the easel surrounding the model are familiar and unfamiliar scenes for her. It was also an interesting moment, that modern and contemporary clothes and the beautiful purple scarf, took place in the long history of the MEAM Art Museum.” 

"2019年 在参加TIAC在巴塞罗那MEAN美术馆《超越语言—具象绘画在中国》邀请展的过程中认识了专职模特Maria Antonia女士,Maria Antonia女士同时是当代具象绘画大师格鲁仇先生的专职模特,在格鲁仇先生诸多的代表作品中都有她的身影,作品<MEAM美术馆中的Maria Antonia>反映了模特对于艺术家钟情的独特气质与西班牙当代女性所特有的优雅与静怡。模特作为美术馆展览期间的参观者与写生模特,作品中Maria Antonia女士的沉思表达了模特即是艺术的参与者又是艺术品的欣赏者的这种思考与表现。消失的艺术家与围绕在模特身边的画架是她熟悉又陌生的场景,现当代的着衣与靓丽的紫色围巾在有着悠久的历史的MEAM美术馆中发生也是一个有趣的瞬间。"

– Shuang Liu