Alice's Woods by Arantza Sestayo

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Arantza Sestayo

Alice's Woods


76.96 x 62.23 cm | 30 1/4 x 24 1/2 in

Oil on canvas

  • Rehs Contemporary Galleries, Inc. Award

Alice is the eternal magician, companion of all, who never grows old or loses her current soul. She adapts to any season and keeps interest alive over time.

I love painting her because in her you can balance tenderness and daring, intelligence and innocence. It is a challenge and an enjoyment to try to translate this into a character.

This is an allegorical image in which Alice crowns herself, as if she had won all the eccentric and amazing situations of her peculiar journey.

I have thought of a darker feeling in this work, which accentuates the difficulties of her adventures, accompanying her with “Jabberwocky”, which makes us doubt whether it is a threat to her or a subordinate.

The darkness of the forest marks the center of attention, taking us directly to her gaze, which speaks of someone whose difficulties have made her grow, perhaps too much...