The Changing Season by Nathaniel Skousen

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Nathaniel Skousen

The Changing Season


106.68 x 96.52 x [*] cm | 42 x 38 in

Oil on canvas

  • PoetsArtists Publishing Prize

The Changing Season is special to me since it captures an emotion that is sometimes difficult to achieve. It is about a moment in time when things start to change - the leaves just beginning to turn yellow, with fall just around the corner, and a young girl on the cusp of her teenage years.

“After a day with the family by a creek, I couldn't stop thinking about a certain pose my daughter just fell into- like she had become very contemplative. Her fingers, hands, and feet were all playing an important part in the lines and composition of the figure. Already, it had started to ‘haunt’ me, which is exactly what I want as an artist.

“I used a cool pallet and subtle skin tones to bring the natural scenery and the figure together harmoniously without one overshadowing the other.” – Nathaniel Skousen