Edward Dillon

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Edward Dillon

United States

(B. 1982) Always fascinated by and passionate about the act of drawing and painting, Edward has spent the majority of his life pursuing the knowledge and discipline of these time-honored crafts. Fine Art, Illustration, and Graphics were equally appealing to Edward and therefore offered him the opportunity to absorb a vast spectrum of influences and disciplines.

Edward’s enthusiasm continued to grow through his academic years as his hometown college allowed him to meet and study under renowned artists such as Leonard Stankunas and Anthony J. Waichulis. Upon completion of his degree programs, Edward studied the figure independently for two years. While this was extremely rewarding, the desire to immerse himself into a more formal system of training for Representational painting and drafting, led Edward to accept a position as an apprentice at Ani Art Academy Waichulis. Here, he had the opportunity to work alongside some of the most recognized Representational painters and draftsmen of today.

After graduating from Ani Art Academy Waichulis, Edward was appointed to Dean of the Ani Art Academies Dominicana and moved to Rio San Juan, Dominican Republic. There he works alongside his fiance, Deborah Lloyd who is also an artist and Instructor of Ani. Together they are dedicated to teaching their apprentices, and helping them develop into highly skilled artists.

Together they have launched The Dillon Studio, which offers online education resources for artists, including a Long Distance Apprentice Program for those who are interested in improving their skills, but don’t have the luxury to study full-time in the studio. Please see www.thedillonstudio.com for more information.

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