Anita Van Zeumeren

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Anita Van Zeumeren


Anita Van Zeumeren is a contemporary realist painter who lives in Norval, Ontario. She began painting with oils in her 30's and was self taught while raising and homeschooling her 5 sons. She is now studying part time at the Academy of Realist Art in Toronto. She was grateful to be a finalist in the 13th and 14th International Art Renewal Center Salons. Prior to that her work had been shown in a few local galleries and private universities.

Her current body of work reflects a journey of decolonization. After a profound experience while viewing an Indigenous sculpture, she began educating herself in order to challenge the Eurocentric view of history that she was taught.  She has had the honour of listening to the teachings and testimonies of First Nation survivors and elders as well as learning from Indigenous friends. Her artwork is the expression of these experiences and reflects the deep work of re-examining her faith, finding depth and beauty in all people and choosing to participate in the work of reconciliation.  


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