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Matilde Olivera


Matilde Olivera was born in Madrid in 1987. She completed her Fine Arts studies at Complutense University in Madrid. Her interest for realism led her to search for ways of learning the traditional techniques and improving her skills. She has participated in workshops with renowned realist painters such as Antonio López and José María Mezquita and attended important realist art academies such as Florence Academy of Art and Angel Academy of Art in Florence, where she currently continues to grow her skills. She acknowledges her need for being in constant learning and hopes to be doing so until her last day.

As an artist she mostly works on commission, she has carried out numerous projects for churches, such as Saint John Chrysostom church in Madrid. When she works for individuals, her work usually focus on portraiture and landscape, which are two motifs that attract her particularly. The human face and figure are always appealing and very capable of telling stories and transmitting emotions, whereas nature and plein air themes present a beauty that can move the soul and make it aware of its transcendence. In all her works, Olivera shows an interest not so much in reproducing exactly what she sees, but rather in capturing the essence that shines through, the true character of each motif.

Her views on art are very defined, she understands art as a way of making palpable the spiritual realities, a way of giving shape to all those aspects of life that we perceive but are beyond the physical world. She sees art as a proof of our being a lot more than mere flesh. Beauty means much to her, she believes it to be a universal need and art a way of making it present, a way of satisfying our spiritual thirst. Even when her paintings are not explicitly speaking of the spiritual, through her landscapes and portraits she is also trying to reach for this beauty, for she is convinced, as Dostoevsky said, that “Beauty will save the world”.

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