Maheswar Mondal

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

Maheswar Mondal


FATHER’S NAME: Sri Kritanto Mondal

DATE OF BIRTH: 4th March, 1990

QUALIFICATION:  B.F.A ( Year 2013)  at Govt. College of Art & Craft, Kolkata.                



  • Camel Art Foundation 2016
  • CIMA Award show 2014-15,kolkata
  • Prafulla Dahanukar Art Foundation,2019
  • Annual Exhibition of rajya charukala parishad,kolkata(2018)
  • 1stNational Exhibition of Art-2015’ Karnataka Lalithakala Academy
  • 14th All India Exhibition of Art, State Lalit Kala Academy, Lucknow
  • Our 4th  group show(chaturanga), All India Fine Art & Craft Socity, Delhi,2014.etc.


  • West Bengal State Award for Drawing 2019, Prafulla Dahanukar Art Foundation,
  • East Zone Silver Medal Award for Drawing,Prafulla Dahanukar Art Foundation,2018
  • Governor Award on Sketch (GCAC) 2011.
  • Jainul Abedin award on SKETCH, (GCAC ) 2010
  • Certificate of Merit on Sketch(State Academy)2012.
  • Certificate of Merit on Sketch(State Academy)2013.etc.

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