John Darley

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John Darley

United States

John Darley spent his childhood years in Florida and Utah, moving almost yearly through elementary and middle school. Relying on drawing during repeated adjustment phases to unfamiliar environments, John quickly learned to relate to others with imagery.


As he approached adulthood, John determined to pursue a “responsible” career and enrolled in college accounting classes. However, this plan changed as he got to know renowned figuretive artists, who demonstrated art to be a responsible, respectable and worthwhile profession when done well. Encougaged by the support of his wife and family, John enrolled full time at the Hein Atelier followed by the Grand Centeral Atelier.


John has always had a desire to have his viewers “enter another realm”. While his work showcases impressive draftsmanship, it also can be easily recognized by a lively color palette, imaginative subject matter, and aesthetic excitement. With a rapidly expanding portfolio of figurtive, landscape, and still life pieces, John aims to expound his themes with a subtle naritive context.  

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