Ruth Fitton

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Ruth Fitton

United Kingdom

Ruth is a self-taught painter whose influences include painters of the pre-Raphaelite and naturalist movements (Waterhouse, Bastien-LePage, Friant). She lives and works from a studio in Yorkshire, U.K.


Commissioned portraits make up the bulk of Ruth’s portfolio. Collectors enthuse over the authenticity of her style, and her ability to capture both likeness and character on canvas. 


Between commissioned projects, Ruth allows her imagination free rein with works ranging from intimate portrait vignettes the size of a paperback, to life-sized figures with a mythical twist. Painting directly from life plays a vital role in her process.


Ruth is endlessly inspired by the rocky crags and windswept vistas of the countryside where she grew up. Some of her paintings strive directly to evoke her feeling of one-ness with this wild landscape. Almost all of her figurative works, even those pieces where the landscape is not directly represented, revolve around a feeling of open space and clean air.


Ruth’s portraits have garnered attention and praise across the globe, from the Royal Institute of Oil Painters in London (where she was awarded the ROI Emerging Artist Prize 2019) to the USA, where she took first place in master artist Michael Klein’s Portraiture Competition (2020).

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