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Ana Schmidt


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Ana Schmidt

Born in Bochum, Germany, Schmidt encountered frequent relocations. Her family moved to Vietnam and Thailand before her sixth birthday. Throughout her youth, she studied with various art instructors and finally she opted to major in architecture at the Polytechnic University of Barcelona.
Schmidt has received multiple awards. In 2018 she received the prestigious Columbia Threadneedle Prize. She also has been awarded with various prizes at the Art Renewal Center Salon. Her works have been exhibited internationally, among others at the Mall Galleries in London, the Salmagundi Club in New York, at NordArt in Germany, at the MEAM in Barcelona  and during the Venice Biennale.

- MSc  Architect, Polytechnic University of Barcelona, 1979 - 1986

- ARC Living Master, Art Renewal Center, 2019



- First Award Columbia Threadneedle Prize, London, UK

- Second ARC Salon Award (landscape category), US


- First Award (landscape category), American Art Award, US

- Third Award (landscape category), American Art Award, US

- Third ARC Salon Award (landscape category), US


- Acrylicworks: Radical Breakthroughs, US


- ORA Prize Award, Italy

- AixeGetxo Award, Getxo, Spain


- ORA Prize Award, Italy


Former awards

- First Award, Design of the Agustin-Square of Granada, Spain


- Mall Galleries, London, 2019

- 3)5 Arte Contemporanea Gallery, 2015, Rieti, Italy 

- Cervantes6 Gallery, 2015, Oviedo, Spain 

- l´Occhio Gallery of Art, 2013,Venice, Italy,

- Torrene Aretoa Exhibition Space in Getxo, 2012, Spain

- Basque Architectural Association in Bilbao, Spain, 2010

 GROUP EXHIBITIONS​​ (selection)


- XIX Timoteo Perez Rubio Prize, Oliva de la Frontera, Spain

- The London Group, London, UK

- Wells Contemporary, London, UK


- Columbia Threadneedle Prize, London, UK


- MEAM, Barcelona, Spain

- Marshall Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona, US


- Salmagundi Club, New York, US

- Art.Fair, Cologne, Germany

- Principle Gallery, Alexandria, US


- Museu Europeu d´Art Modern, Barcelona, Spain 

- NordArt, Rendsburg, Germany

- Kölner Liste Art Fair, Cologne, Germany


- (e)merge art fair, Washington DC, US

- Donostiartean Art Fair, Cervantes6 Gallery, Spain


- Bloom Award, Cologne, Germany, 2013


- Architectural Association, Leon, Spain

- NordArt, Rendsburg, Germany

- Obra Abierta Contest, Plasencia, Spain


- Artshow Bilbao, Spain

- XXXVII Bancaja Art Contest 2011, Institute of Modern Art, Valencia, Spain

- “Round Trip Words”, ARCO 2011, Madrid, Spain


- II Art Contest Aguas de Barbastro, Spain

- IX Art Contest UNED, Portugalete, Spain


- VII Art Contest UNED, Portugalete, Spain


PUBLICATION (selection)

-  The Columbia Threadneedle Prize, Federation of British Artists, 2018

-  13th International Art Renewal Center Salon, ISBN 978-1-85149-917-5 , 2018

-  Acrylic Artist Magazine, Beauty amidst the ruins, 2016

-  Guía Leonardo, ISBN 978-84-608-8404-0, 2016

-  Fine Art Connoisseur, sept/oct issue, 2015

-  NordArt, ISBN 978-3-9813751-8-3, 2015

-  SouthwestArt, 2015

-  11th International Art Renewal Center Salon, 2014

-  Radical Breakthrough, ISBN 978-1-4403- 3470-2, 2014

-  NordArt, ISBN 978-3-9813751-4-5, 2012



- Columbia Threadneedle Investments, London UK

- private collections





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