Tamara Pokorny

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Tamara Pokorny


Tamara’s interest in animals and drawing began at an early age. In time, she turned her attention to the natural sciences and studied biology. During study-related or private travels, she always kept an eye out for any moving critter to watch and photograph, and free time was often devoted to creative work of many types. The discovery of scratchboard was a turning point: after finishing the first board it was clear that this would be her art medium of choice. It allows for the extremely fine detail she aims to achieve. There is beauty in detail; the intricacies you can only see when looking closely; the way the sum of all the small things amounts to and shapes the whole. Her personal and professional interests naturally lead to a focus on animals, from iconic species to lesser known or even disliked ones. She strives to capture moments in time, and the beauty of the creatures sharing the world with us.

She is a signature member of the International Society of Scratchboard Artists (ISSA) and an associate member of the Society of Animal Artists (SAA).

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