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Rusudana Glonti

United Kingdom

Rusudana Glonti is a Russian born artist who lives and works in Scotland, UK. Although always  deeply interested in art, she was first qualified as a linguist having graduated from Moscow Linguistic University and worked as a translator/ teacher for a number of years. However after moving to the UK and Rusudana was presented with another opportunity to start a new carreer and that's when her life long passion became her focus. Having attended a number of art courses and workshops in the UK, she  realized the need for a more profound education and went on to study Classical Realism painting at "Angel Art Academy" in Florence, Italy in  January 2009.  The years in Florence provided her with the necessary knowledge , artistic vision and experience and helped her greatly in her striving to become a realist artist. Upon the completion of the full drawing and painting course in December 2012 she returned to her studio in Aberdeenshire, Scotland from which she continues to work and produce art work basing on the skills and knowledge acquired during her training in Florence. Rusudana's preferred style in art was always Realism , particularly that of the late XIX-early XX century when Realism became "looser", almost bordering on Impressionism. Among her most admired idols in painting are Ilya Repin, John Singer Sargeant, Joaquin Sorolla and Ivan Kramskoj.

Realizing that the learning process is endless Rusudana continues to hone her skills by attending workshops with some highly respected artists including Max Ginsburg, Joshua LaRock, Kathy Anderson, Nick Beer only to name a few.

Rusudana works primarily in oilsh although occasionally makes use of charcoal, pastels and watercolours depending on the subject. Her primary focus is on human form and still life although can occasionally be motivated to paint a landscape.

In 2013 Rusudana was awarded The Third Prize in "Artists Of the Year 2013" and was subsequently  shortlisted for "Artists Of The Year" competitions by "Artists & Illustrators" on 4 occasions and her works were exhibited at "Mall Galleries" in London. 

She also became the winner of "The Grand Prize" in Still Life Competition in "International Artist" Magazine in 2015 and had publications about her art in a few national and International magazines including "Artists & Illustrators", "International Artist", "Americam Art Colleector" and "Society" by "Press & Journal".

Rusudana also was a finalist in ARC Salon competitions both in StillLife and Imaginative Realism categories on 5 occasions. 

She exhibits her works mainly in the UK and many of them are in private collections around the world.



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