Bryan Valadez

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Bryan Valadez

United States

Bryan Valadez has always been passionate and drawn to visual arts. Pursuing his drive for painting, Bryan is a graduate of 2016 from Texas State University, earning a BFA in Studio Art and BA in Art History

After graduating, he sought out more classical based training and followed a path that led him to Florence Italy to study at an art atelier called Angel Academy. There he studied under one of the school’s instructors named Davide Barbini, an Italian artist whose vast knowledge helped Bryan expand his repertoire in painting.

Bryan’s approach to his craft is rooted in the ways of the old masters, taking inspiration from artists such as Michelangelo, Frederick Church and Monet. His style is a combination derived from impressionism, realism and romanticism. The artist takes his ability with a paintbrush to generate paintings based on the world around him. By traveling and taking his own reference photos, he then picks out certain images that he believes could be reflected into a work of art. These creations can vary from something that has an abundant amount of details - capturing all the intrigue of the space or narrowed down to something more distinct- a specific detail that is deemed deserving of a spotlight amongst the rest.

Currently Bryan is based in Dallas - He is working on a thirteen painting series that focuses on the city of Pasto Colombia, representing  the culture, history and lifestyle of the city while simultaneously reflecting on his personal experiences in the country. An exhibition of the paintings is expected in the US and Colombia.

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