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Anne-Marie Zanetti


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Anne-Marie Zanetti is a Brisbane based artist whose realistic paintings embody intrigue and passion. Her portrait and still life pieces are eye catching, rhythmical and full of intricate details.

Starting her art practice later in life – in her early 40s – Zanetti’s work is inspired by delving into personal experience, namely the stunning range of human emotions. Each painting is a sensitive expression of another layer peeled back, another truth exposed, another light shone on a situation or interaction.

The mid-career artist is most inspired when she is truly vulnerable and present to both the external and internal worlds. She aims to “illuminate the hidden beauty of objects and moments in time that may otherwise seem insignificant or invite viewers to enter a meditative place by feeling a sense of intimacy, wonder and awe for these simple moments”.

Zanetti’s work has won numerous awards and has been selected as a finalist in many of Australia’s key Art Prizes, most notably the Doug Moran Portrait Prize 2018.  Zanetti exhibits both within Australia and internationally.  She is currently represented by the Lethbridge Gallery in Brisbane and The Sugarman Peterson Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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