Diego Glazer

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Diego Glazer

United States

Diego Glazer was born in Omaha, Nebraska, and raised in Querétaro, Mexico. He also holds a Swiss nationality, which has exposed him to a variety of cultures from a young age. An emerging artist who explores the never ending possibilities that oil painting offers, Glazer aims to create ambiguous—albeit tangible—atmospheres, tinged with a nostalgic vibe. 


Glazer began his career by taking part in several workshops in Querétaro, including a painting course with Mexican realist painter Ramsés de la Cruz. He then went on to study a bachelor’s in Visual Arts at the Instituto Allende, in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, where he studied impressionistic methods with Guillermo Guerrero, while at the same time refining other pictorial techniques. 


In 2014, he moved to Florence, Italy, where he completed the three year program in Drawing and Painting at the Angel Academy of Art. Here he learned the academic methods of the nineteenth century French school of painting, which not only proved essential in his journey as a figurative painter but also awoke in him a passion to transmit his vision of beauty.


Glazer has held shows in Querétaro, San Miguel de Allende, and Mexico City. He also won second place in the SantAngel Painting Biennial with his painting “Circumstances”. He currently explores different genres of figurative painting including figure painting, landscape, and still life.

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