Hsin-Yao Tseng

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Hsin-Yao Tseng

United States

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Hsin-Yao paints oil in a Romantic, expressive manner that honors the Western tradition while signaling an edgy, contemporary complexity. He has a curiosity and energy that propel him toward experimentation and innovation; accordingly, he works in a range of genres: from lush evocations of cityscapes to expressive portraits and finally to lustrous interiors and exteriors in which multiple figures enact a story. Hsin-Yao’s prose testifies to the fact that he is ambitious in the best sense; he is eager to push his art beyond what’s immediate and popular toward the timeless and real.

Hsin-Yao has recognized by the Art Renewal Center as an ARC Living Master in 2014. He received the Signature Status recognition by Portrait Society of America in 2018. He has won the First Place awards at Southwest Art Magazine Artist Excellence competition in 2016. His work is on the 2016 November cover on the Southwest Art magazine and 2012 December of the Artist’s magazine.

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