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Ricardo Ramírez


Ricardo Ramírez was born in Chile in 1979. He began his formal artistic studies at the age of 13 at the Experimental Lyceum of Art Education. He studied Bachelor of Arts at the University of Chile. He studied in Sydney, Australia, and with the Frenchman Michael Valeri. He has studient the techniques of the great masters from the fifteenth century to the eighteenth century. and it is for this research work the 15 years, that he defines himself as self-taught.

Since 1999, together with other art professionals, he heads a figurative movement of contemporary realism in Chile. He founded the Art Real Academy and is president of the Art Real Foundation. Both institutions aim to support the art and the artists contemporary realistic.

He has been published in magazine Claridad, MásDeco, El Mercurio, Art and Freedom XIII, The Guide Artists, and PoetsArtists among others.

He has exhibited in the Contact Gallery, DCB and Vitavecinos and two solo exhibitions, Art Room House of the Cisterna Culture "Temptations" and Hall of Art Houses of Lo Matta "Contemporary Realism".
In 2008 Participates in permanent collective exhibition March Gallery ARTIUM
In December 2016, Solo Exhibition, "Contemporary Realism" in Casas de Lo Matta
2018 "ARTE y LIBERTAD XIII" GaleriaArteLibre
2019 Exhibited "ModPortrait 2018” MEAM
2019 Finalist in the 14th International Art Renewal Center Salon (ARC) in USA

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