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2008 Angel Art School Annual Exhibition

Lynne Barton And Michael John Angel
Cordially invite you to
The 2008 Annual Exhibition
Of the Angel Academy of Art

Thursday, May 22, 2008
18.00 to 21.00

Exhibition continues
Friday, May 23red & Saturday May 24th
10.00 to 18.00

Via San Niccolo 88/r
Florence, Italy
Tel. 055 246 6737

The Artist’s Model
by Michael John Angel
Oil on Canvas, 2007
Posted Monday, April 28th, 2008

ARC International 2008 Salon™ Competition

Call for Entries
The Art Renewal Center’s
International 2008 ARC Salon™

Win International Recognition Overnight
Have your work seen by 5.5 Million Yearly Visitors.

More than $44,000 in Awards
Compete and Win in 5 Categories
Award Winners and Finalists will be featured on the
Art Renewal Center website
and in our full color catalogue.


Best in Show: $10,000 cash award plus gallery space in the Museum section of the ARC’s website. Gallery space will include the artist’s biographical information accompanied by 1 to 5 web pages of the artist’s finest works. The winner will also gain automatic acceptance as an ARC Approved Artist with exemption from the application process and $150 application fee..

The William Bouguereau Award – Emotion, Theme, and the Figure: $3,000

5 First Place Awards: $2,500 awarded in each category
5 Second Place Awards: $1,000 awarded in each category
5 Third Place Awards: $500 awarded in each category

Chairman’s Choice Award: 2 Awarded at $500 each

ARC Staff Award: 4 Awarded at $100 each

People’s Choice Award: $100 cash award. Winner will be selected by the public from the top 100 finalists through an online voting system at

Minimum of $10,000 in Purchase Awards
Works do not have to be for sale to be eligible for the competition. Purchase awards will be chosen from the finalists by our four judges and awarded at the sole discretion of the ARC’s Chairman, Fred Ross.

30 Honorable Mentions: Award winners will receive an Award Certificate and have their winning artwork accompanied by their name displayed on the ARC website.
Top 100 Finalists will have their entry accompanied by their name displayed on the ARC website and will also be featured in the 2008 ARC Salon™ Catalog.

For more details on how to enter you can download entry forms in either PDF or Microsoft Word format.

Entry Deadline: September 6, 2008

To see the winners from the 2007 ARC Salon™ have a look at the announcement of the winners.

Inquiries may be addressed to Katie O'Hagan at

Posted Friday, April 25th, 2008

What would happen to literature if storytelling were to be banned&#63

Well, that's what happened to fine art, in the last century, when story telling for all intents and purposes was banned.

Read ARC Chairman's keynote Address at
the Oil Painter's of America Conference.

Posted Monday, April 7th, 2008

Only 4 Weeks Left for Preorder Discounts for the 2007 ARC Salon Catalogs

The 2007 ARC Salon Catalogs are NOW AT THE PRINTERS.
See Contemporary Realism at its best!

The artworks submitted to the ARC International Salon continue to astonish.

The ARC Salon, a virtual version of the 19th Century Paris Salon, drew so many exquisite entries this year that at first, each of four world class art experts chose a completely separate piece for best in show. It was impossible to narrow the finalists down to 100, as intended, and so the number of finalists was raised to 150 this year rather then fail to recognize these works of unquestionable quality.
All 150 finalists are represented in this year’s exquisite exhibition book.
PREORDER A 2007 International ARC Salon Catalogue NOW

2007 ARC Salon Catalog
Posted Monday, April 7th, 2008

Daniel Graves and the Florence Academy of Art receive Excellence in Art Education Award 2008

Daniel Graves and the Florence Academy of Art, an ARC Approved™ Atelier, has received the Excellence in Art Education Award 2008 from the Portrait Society of America.
The Excellence in Art Education award will be presented on the occasion of the 10th annivesary celebration of the Portrait Society of America's annual national artists' conference, being held April 10-13, 2008 at the Sheraton Philadelphia City Center Hotel, Philadelphia, PA.

The award will be given during the gala banquet and awards program on Saturday, April 12, 2008.

Posted Monday, April 7th, 2008

Thank you sounds so weak for this….

Dear Mr. Ross,

I too am staggered by the art of Bouguereau and for the past two weeks have been obsessed with coming to grips with and redefining the "new" nature of late 19th century art and his vision of the human being. You have begun an enormous and incalculable task which will redefine the late 19th century in art as much as Mendelssohn redefined the late Baroque by revealing Bach for us nearly 100 years after his death. Thank you sounds so weak for this….

Dr. Richard J. Scruggs
Assistant Professor of Music

Posted Friday, April 4th, 2008

Dare I dream to have you here in São Paulo one day, speaking to our universities…

Dear Mr. Ross,

My husband hasn't start complaining yet… But if he does, you will be guilty as charged! For since I discovered your wesite, less than a week ago, I've been spending hours and hours visiting your online museum and reading your articles. Lunch and dinner are late, I let him alone in the living room
watching TV and I go to bed long after him.

I can't even begin to describe the sense of relief and joy to see that I'm not alone in this world! Am I the only one, I used to think, who doesn't enjoy "modern art"? Is anything wrong with me for not wanting to go to a much "acclaimed" Picasso exhibition here in São Paulo, Brazil, where thousands os students were taken to?

I have a B.A. in Language and Literature (Brazilian and Portuguese) and work as a translator. I'm an art lover (not a collector or anything, I don't have the money for that, but simply someone who loves art), I've always enjoyed the arts of the 19th Century, but was amazed to find out, thanks to you, that this century was even better than I ever thought, in terms of art. I thought of doing a post-graduate course in Art History, but decided that the money would be better spent in visits to the most famous museums in the world…

Without exaggeration, I thank God for letting me live (I'm 42) to discover, thanks to you, magnificent works of art like those of Bouguereau.
I've already chosen six of his paintings to decorate my bedroom and I'll buy the prints as soon as I can.

Dare I dream to have you here in São Paulo one day, speaking to our
universities, our media, bringing a 19th century collection to delight thousands, millions of beauty- hungry, silent, anonymous eyes and souls like mine?

Just the other day, when a Picasso painting was stolen from a museum in São Paulo, and found some days later for the relief and joy of so many who cried over the loss of such "masterpiece", I said to my brother: "I hope I live long enough to see the fraud of modern art be exposed." You've made me believe that this is not only possible, but is already happening.

Best regards,
Susana L. Alexandria

Posted Friday, April 4th, 2008

Thank you for all the information that ARC provides…

I would like to first thank you all for providing such a huge gallery to study from and look at. I have been very pleased to see classical realism being pushed and even advertised over the years checking the site. From just an advertisement on the Return to Florence documentary, it led me to seek out the school. And now I will be attending a summer class there now which I am very excited about. It's difficult when High school teachers as well as some college professors do not know where to direct you, or what books and schools to tell you about. Art renewal gives a broad scope and a smaller one for anybody who seeks it, and for that I am very appreciative.

Posted Friday, April 4th, 2008

2007 ARC Salon Winner Donates Winnings to ARC

Letitia Lowe, winner of one of two Chairman’s Choice Awards for her still life "The Pram" in the 2007 ARC Salon, has chosen to donate her winnings back to ARC saying, "I am deeply grateful for the support of ARC and, in particular, for that of the chairman, in honoring my work with this special award."
You can view more of Tish’s work at

The Pram
by Tish Lowe
Posted Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008