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Workshops At the Studio of ARC Master™ and Director of Programs Paul McCormack
ARC Master™ Paul McCormack who is also Director of Programs for ARC is now offering classes at his Wappinger Falls(NY) studio:
McCormack Studios, Inc.
Come Join Paul in his Studio for the first ever 'in-studio' workshops.
3 Day Portrait Drawing Workshop
April 17, 18 & 19
3 Day Portrait in Oil Workshop
June 5, 6 & 7, 2009
5 Day Watercolor Portrait Workshop
July 8 – 12, 2009
Additional workshop dates and listings are available on the website.
McCormack Studios, Inc.
PO Box 537 ~ Glenham, NY 12527
Phone/Fax: 845.831.3368
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Daughter of Hope by Paul McCormack

Daughter of Hope
by Paul McCormack
Posted Friday, March 27th, 2009

"Thank you" for all you do to bring MASTERFUL works to me and my students

Greetings again Mr. Ross,

I have contacted you in the past. As your website has grown over the years I can only humbly say ‘thank you’ for all you do to bring MASTERFUL works to me and my students.

I have developed a segment in my classroom entitled; ‘Artist of the Month’.It is during this monthly segment that I introduce my students to living artists who are demonstrating high level skills and awe inspiring craftsmanship in their works. Many of the artists I expose my students to are listed on your site. ….

I thank you for all you and your staff are doing to help us art teachers and artists in developing our skills by giving us a resource of MASTERS in ART!

Take care and God bless,
Bob Renaud
Carthage H.S. Art Instructor
Carthage, New York

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Posted Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

ARC Museum: 9 New Images

Nine new works of art have been added to the ARC museum:

1 new piece by Adrianus Eversen
1 new piece by Adriana-Johanna Haanen
1 new piece by Frederick Hendrik Kaemmerer
1 new piece by Johannes Rosierse
1 new piece by Petrus Johannes Schotel
1 new piece by Jan Jacob Coenraad Spohler
1 new piece by Johannes Franciscus Spohler
2 new pieces by Pieter Gerard Vertin

Please note that ARC Museum new image announcements (such as this post) may be appended if additional works of art are added to the site later the same day. Such announcements are considered final at the end of the day; works of art added the following day will be announced through a new post as usual.  

Posted Friday, March 13th, 2009

ARC Master™ Anthony Ryder: Artist’s Guide to Figure Drawing
The Artist’s Complete Guide to Figure Drawing
A Contemporary Perspective on the Classical Tradition by ARC Master™ Anthony Ryder is now available through Art Renewal Center®
The Ryder School in Santa Fe, New Mexico is now ARC Approved school and will be added to the ARC Approved Ateliers Section and Atelier Map later this month.
The Artist's Complete Guide to Figure Drawing by Anthony Ryder

"LEARNING TO DRAW is like learning a new language. Drawing has its own vocabulary and, more importantly, its own grammar. The purpose of study is to become so fluent that the nature of the model expresses itself through you pencil effortlessly."
–Anthony Ryder

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Posted Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

ARC Master Juliette Aristides at LIAFA in March

Juliette Aristides
Two-Day Drawing Intensive

March 30-31
11am- 2pm/ 3pm-6pm
GLEN COVE STUDIO: 14 Glen Street, Suite 201, Glen Cove, NY 11542
Call to R.S.V.P. today!
Workshop is limited to 20 seats.(516) 924-3294 or (631) 603-5514

ARC Living Master™, and author Juliette Aristides will teach a workshop at ARC Approved™ LIAFA, the Long Island Academy of Fine Art
Aristides books are among the most ordered through the ARC Store.

Posted Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

ARC Museum: 8 New Images

Eight new works of art have been added to the ARC museum:

1 new piece by Ferdinand de Braekeleer
1 new piece by Hermann Brucke
1 new piece by Leon Caille
1 new piece by Anton Doll
1 new piece by Edgard Farasyn
1 new piece by Ferdinand Knab
1 new piece by Julius Noerr
1 new piece by Edward Antoon Portielje

Posted Thursday, March 5th, 2009

ARC Museum: 7 New Images

Seven new works of art have been added to the ARC museum:

1 new piece by Louis Apol
1 new piece by Geraldine Jacoba Van De Sande Bakhuyzen
1 new piece by Otto Eerelman
1 new piece by Jozef Israëls
2 new pieces by Johannes Hermanus Koekkoek
1 new pieces by Anthony Oberman

Posted Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009