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Over 7,000 Artists on ARC
With Recent Additions to the ARC website, ARC now has over 7000 Artists in the ARC Museum

In our continued efforts to expand the ARC Museum, hundreds of new artists and artworks have been added in recent months. Check the ARC home page or click here to view new additions to this vast resource, now with over 7,000 artists on-line.

Posted Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

6th International 2009/2010 ARC Salon™ Competition
ARC Salon Results Are Now Posted

Empire by Julio Reyes  Oil on Canvas  42 x 60 inches

This year's Best in Show with an honorarium of $10,000 has been awarded to Julio Reyes of the United States for his painting, Empire.

Le Défi by Marina Dieul  Oil on Panel  30 x 24 inches

This year's William Bouguereau Award with an honorarium of $3,000 has been awarded to Marina Dieul of Canada for Le Défi.

The First Place Awards for $2,500 each and Best Portrait for $1000 were awarded to:

Alexis by Duffy Sheridan

First Place Figurative:
Duffy Sheridan

Bottle Collection by Sadie Valeri

First Place Still-Life:
Sadie Valeri
Bottle Collection

Unbound by Karl Jensen

First Place Sculpture:
Karl Jensen

Dulary by Helen Crispino

First Place Animal:
Helen Crispino

Winter Self-Portrait by Marina Dieul

First Place Drawing:
Marina Dieul
Winter Self-Portrait

Rhapsody by D. La Rue Mahlke

First Place Landscape:
D. La Rue Mahlke

Portrait of Emma by Kate Sammons

Best Portrait:
Kate Sammons
Portrait of Emma

Click here to see all the winners and finalists.
Posted Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

ARC Master™ Paul McCormack Workshop in July
ARC Master™ Paul McCormack is offering a 5 day workshop at McCormack Studios in Wappingers Falls, NY.

Daughter of Hope
by Paul McCormack
Portrait in Watercolor – 5 Day Workshop
July 28 – August 1, 2010

For the exacting realism found in Paul's work, most of day one will focus primarily on the drawing aspect of the portrait. With instruction on the proper use of angles, plumb lines and relative measurement, students will learn how to acquire correct proportions in order to achieve a likeness of the model. As the course continues, this intensive workshop will then focus on painting. Lectures will include basic color theory, how to see and execute correct value relations, proper treatment of edges, and so much more. Demonstrations in watercolor techniques will include wet into wet, glazing, and Paul's signature dry brush technique.

Click here for more information and to sign up.
Posted Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

ARC Approved™ LAAFA Sessions and Atelier LAAFA Registration and Open House

ARC Approved LAAFA Sessions
(non-credit extension) Summer Classes Start July 6th
ARC Approved™ Atelier LAAFA is now accepting applications for their Fall B.F.A. Degree and Certificate Programs:
Classes start October 4th.
LAAFA News: Students now have unlimited access to all LAAFA Sessions classes and uninstructed workshops, studio tour visits, the mentor program, and cadaver studies at a local University.[List of features]
Click here regarding 3-$6000 Contemporary Representational Art Scholarships available to new applicants Deadline: August 9th.
LAAFA Summer Open House:
June 19th, 11-4.
Participate in our Free uninstructed model workshop and demos with Aaron Westerberg, Mark McDonnell and Alex Ruiz. View our Summer Brochure with a wide array of classes and including 10-Week Unlimited Uninstructed Workshop Passes offered 6 days a week.
Visit the LAAFA Website: or contact us at 818-708-9232
Virtual Tour:
Posted Friday, June 11th, 2010

It's Time to Pre Order Your ARC Salon Catalog
“…Once again the quality of work submitted to this year’s competition was overwhelming….

Since it’s inception 6 years ago, the ARC Salon™ has evolved considerably. One of the most significant changes has been in the overall quality of the work submitted, which continues to impress us anew each year and makes the finalist selection process ever more challenging. Last year the finalists were narrowed down to 204 works and this year we struggled even to get the number down to the 368 that were eventually submitted to the judges for award consideration. We then removed an additional 82 images that did not receive any votes, giving you the 286 images displayed here.

For the first time this year, we added an animal category which produced 31 finalists from an enthusiastic and talented new pool of artists. If there was ever a year to purchase a catalogue, this would be it. With over 80 more works than previous years, this expanded catalogue will display over 300 full-color images from some of the best realist artists in the world.”

–Paul McCormack,
Executive Director of Programs

Click here to Pre order this year’s ARC Salon Catalog with full color plates of all the winners and finalists.

Posted Friday, June 4th, 2010