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New Bouguereau artworks from the Catalog Raisonné are now in the ARC Museum

New Bouguereau artworks have been added to the ARC MuseumTwo new artworks by William Bouguereau have been added to the ARC Museum from the Catalog Raisonné on William Bouguereau, a 903 page groundbreaking two-volume publication.

La Priere of 1878 as well as the wonderful Marguerite of 1868 (shown at left) are the first of many Bouguereaus to be added.

The Bouguereau Catalog Raisonné has been hailed as the answer to the void of information on this great artist, by far the most popular among visitors to the ARC website, numbering well over 5 million per year.

Volume I, the biography, has over 340 color images of Bouguereau paintings, over 100 full page plates and yet another 170 images in black and white, most of which are biographical, including photographs of Bouguereau in his studio, family members, Bouguereau with his students, letters, drawings, etc. Volume II, the Catalog Raisonné contains information on all of Bouguereau' 828 known paintings, with over 760 images mostly printed in color (unusual for a catalog raisonné, often printed in black and white with few color illustrations).

In addition, these artworks will now be available at high resolution as prints on archival Fine Art paper or canvas.

Posted Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

"…absolutely SPEECHLESS after being engrossed in your masterpiece work showcasing Bouguereau
…in such a spectacular, fresh approach and in a manner deserved of the greatest artist that ever lived!"
Dear Mr. Ross,

WHY did it take me two days to email you about your Herculean accomplishment, namely the William Bouguereau Catalog Raisonne? There is only one answer: my husband and I were absolutely SPEECHLESS after being engrossed in your masterpiece work showcasing Bouguereau in such a spectacular, fresh approach and in a manner deserved of the greatest artist that ever lived!

I will try to relay our thoughts into words…Your introduction is a superb work in itself, touching on many issues never approached by today's supposed art history scholars: ending rumors and outright lies about William Bouguereau as a "villain of the modernist movement"; stating the fact that this Bouguereau raisonne is a "roadmap" for future historians; the chasm between cultural, societal and political history and art history; the irony of the importance of social and political issues of poverty, indigence, and the like, to writers contemporary to Bouguereau, yet those same subjects were considered by art critics to be banal, stylized, insipid and irrelevant for Bouguereau and his realist contemporaries…. an interesting juxtaposition…The all-too true "mindless standard" that ruined Realist art's reputation.

Your points are precise, affirmed by documented facts, and well taken by the reader; they set the tone for the two volume triumph. You are speaking to the reader, not at the reader, in a refreshing cadence unlike most verbose scholarly publications.

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Posted Thursday, December 16th, 2010

2010 Scholarship Winner Thanks ARC Chairman, Fred Ross

From Third place winner of the 2010 ARC Scholarship Competition, Zoey Frank:

ARC Scholarship Program winner

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Posted Thursday, December 16th, 2010

Tours of Nelson Shanks' One-Man Shows in Russia Summer 2011

ARC Approved™ Studio Incamminati celebrates Founder and Artistic Director Nelson Shanks' one-man exhibitions at The State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg and the Russian Academy of Arts in Moscow in summer 2011. To mark this historic occasion, Studio Incamminati is offering two tours allowing travelers to view these historic exhibitions and immerse themselves in Russian culture. In addition, Studio Incamminati receives a donation from each tour sold.

For information,

Posted Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

A New Hub For Serious Classical Art and Artists
ARC Approved™ Murdoch School is now Gold Light Studios in Bucks County, PA.
Gold Light Studios is establishing itself as the center for art and artists in the countryside north of Philadelphia, in a big new barn studio.
This rigorous, full-time atelier program, now offers weekly open model sessions, intensive weekend and evening courses, lectures on technique, and more.
Posted Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

Open House at LAAFA December 11th
LAAFA Open House December 11th, 2010:

Instructor: Ignat Ignatov

5pm to 9pm   Open House Holiday Art Show and Silent Auction
Visit LAAFA for a complimentary drawing or painting uninstructed model figure workshop, instructor demonstrations, and enjoy holiday refreshments.
Purchase art from LAAFA instructors, students and emerging artists, all proceeds benefit LAAFA Scholarship Programs.
2pm to 5pm   Free Drawing Class for new students.
ARC Approved™ Atelier LAAFA is now accepting applications for their B.F.A. Degree, Certificate and Online Programs.
Winter Quarter Sessions Extension Classes starting Jan 10th, 2011.
LAAFA 2011 Art Scholarships will be available starting December 2010.
Posted Wednesday, December 1st, 2010