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New ARC Living Artist™ Stuart Dunkel
ARC is pleased to welcome Stuart Dunkel as an ARC Living Artist™!
“… nothing exists until light is draped over it. From the nothingness of black we build up to the perceived objects. As in love, we create the feeling the other inspires in us. As in art, we create the feeling to inspire the others in us. In other words, we must think of the consequences of our actions and what results each brushstroke communicates.”

Click here to see Stuart Dunkel’s gallery.

Click here to buy Stuart Dunkel’s book, An Artist’s Life: Insights into the paintings of Stuart Dunkel from the ARC Store!

Posted Friday, January 27th, 2012

Resolve Exhibition To Show Three ARC Living Masters™
Joshua Liner Gallery is hosting Resolve, an exhibition of twenty-five emerging and established artists whose work is rooted in classical art traditions and training. Including ARC Living Masters Anthony Waichulis, Dan Thompson, and Jacob Collins.

There will be an opening reception tomorrow, January 26 from 6-9pm.

Joshua Liner Gallery
– 548 West 28th Street 3rd Floor – New York, NY 10001 – P: (212) 244-7415

summer affair

A Summer Affair
by Anthony Waichulis
7 x 5 inches – oil
Posted Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

Founder of Bohemiarte School Wins Best Portrait Award

Woman in a Kimono
by Irena Korosec
Oil on canvas – 20in x 16in.

Congratulations to Irena Korosec, the master teacher and founder of ARC Apporved Atelier™ Bohemiarte School, on winning Best Portrait Award in the Portrait Society of Canada 2011 Competition!

The Bohemiarte School has also launched a new website. Please click here for more information.

Posted Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

New ARC Living Master™ Angela Mia De La Vega
ARC is pleased to welcome Angela Mia De La Vega as an ARC Living Master™!

Exalting the human spirit through expressive faces and natural body movement has become the recognized trademark of Angela Mia De la Vega’s figurative bronze sculpture. Her work’s greatest inspiration is the ever-changing individuality of her children.

Click here to see Angela Mia De La Vega’s gallery.

Posted Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

The Celebration of Fine Art Show

by Vala Ola

Don Clapper and Vala Ola, long time friends of ARC and Charter members of IGOR, the International Guild of Realism, are participating in this year’s Celebration of Fine Art in Scottsdale, AZ thru March 25, 2012.

Although there are a large variety of artists who show at this event, Don and Vala both maintain the highest standards in their work, as well as in their organization.

To view more on this and other events, please visit our Events and Exhibitions page.

Posted Friday, January 20th, 2012

NEW ARC Associate Living Master™ James Van Fossan
ARC is pleased to welcome James Van Fossan as an ARC Associate Living Master™!

“I have gravitated towards the natural, the heroic and most importantly, the human. As long as the subject matter of my compositions treats the ordinary human experience and their expressions with a sense of awe, I feel inspired. Realism gives me the foundation of comfort to explore the variety in human proportion, scale and balance.”

Click here to see James Van Fossan’s gallery.

“I feel excited, humbled and proud to be a part of ARC in this manner. I have only been painting for 6 years but I have poured my very heart, mind and soul into it …”

Click here to read James Van Fossan’s letter to ARC.

Posted Friday, January 20th, 2012

Nudity in Art: A Virtue or Vice?

Is Nudity in Art Good or Bad?

Some people feel that the nude form is something that should be hidden away both in art and the artist’s classroom and they frequently write to ARC expressing trepidation about the fact that we display nude drawings, paintings, and sculptures in the ARC Museum. Sometimes they even us to remove or hide away such works. This new article by Brian K. Yoder describes their complaints and attempts to respond to their concerns and makes a case for the value of nudes in art and the training of artists.

Posted Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

New ARC Living Master™ Peter Fiore
ARC is pleased to welcome Peter Fiore as an ARC Living Master™!
Fiore’s compositional simplicity with the complexity of his lively brushwork makes him a standout. Employing a deceptively wide array of marks and colors, Fiore captures the way that light and shadow impart mood to a patch of land. Like many before him, he prefers winter because snow “reflects light and creates a spectrum of colors. But for me, that light is more than a visual tool, it is an emotional subject.”

Click here to see Peter Fiore’s gallery.

Posted Monday, January 16th, 2012

ARC Living Master™ Nelson Shanks Exhibition

Nelson Shanks - Portraits and Studio Paintings

This exhibition of ARC Living Master™ Nelson Shanks work will include approximately 20 paintings and is the first solo exhibition of the artist's work to be held in New York in fifty years.

For more information, visit our Events and Exhibitions page or click here.

Posted Friday, January 13th, 2012

Letter of Thanks from a Scholarship Recipient
Hi Mr. Ross –

I am one of the recipients for this year’s ARC scholarship competition, and I just wanted to send my sincere gratitude for having chosen and supported my work. This scholarship will allow me to complete my fourth year at the Florence Academy of Art with financial security and more focus, without having to worry about raising money on the side. I know an email isn’t the strongest gesture of gratitude, but I would just like to say that I promise you these funds will be put to good use. I hope that my work in the months/years to come can be a form of thanks.

I greatly appreciate what you are doing with the ARC, and am honored that I am receiving support from such an organization. I wish for you continued success with the ARC, and I hope I have the chance to thank you in person some day.


Richard Greathouse

Posted Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

New technical article and E-book offered on ARC
ARC is pleased to offer How to Create an Underpainting Like the Old Masters: A Step by Step Guide e-book by Eric Bossik.

This e-book is a short 37 step guide on how to create a wipeout underpainting as done by many of the old masters and includes many helpful photographs and good foundational information for this process. Bossik’s works have been exhibited in many locations including the Society of Illustrators, the Salamagundi Club, the Art Director’s Club of New York, to name a few, and his Historical Military Paintings have been featured on the covers of The Harper Encyclopedia of Military Biography and From Sea to Shining Sea.

To see a sample of this book in our technical articles section, please click here.

Posted Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

ARC Living Master™ Daniel Greene Exhibit and Symposium
Faces of Winter 2012 - A Daniel Greene Festival


Connecticut Society of Portrait Artists' Biennial Fine Art Juried Portrait Exhibition
January 30 - February 24
at UConn Stamford, One University Place, Stamford, CT

Ladies and gentleman, artists and art lovers, CSOPA is honored to host an historic weekend with American icon and A.R.C. Living Master™, Daniel Greene. The symposium taking place from Feb 3-5 is expected to sell out soon. Dan Greene devotees, aspiring portraitists, friends and colleagues should sign up soon.

For more information, click here.

Posted Thursday, January 5th, 2012

New Books by ARC Living Masters™
ARC is pleased to announce the availability of new books by two of our Living Masters™ in the ARC Store.
To find out more information about ARC Living Master David Bowers’ beautiful book, The Evolution of an Artist, please click here.
To find out more information about ARC Living Master Max Ginsburg’s stunning volume, Retrospective, please click here.

Click here to see all books offered in the ARC Store.
Posted Monday, January 2nd, 2012