Last Lesson in DVI Bargue Course Released

The Da Vinci Initiative is proud to introduce a new online Bargue Drawing course titled Charles Bargue in the 21st Century. This course takes you from start to finish in creating a drawing from a 19th century Bargue plate. The final lesson in the course has been released this week. Lesson 28, titled “Last Corrections”, shows the final review and completion of the Bargue drawing.
Released videos can be accessed for free on the DVI YouTube channel or please visit the DVI Store to purchase the course in entirety with additional footage. 400 & 500 Level Continuing Education Quarter Credits are available for this course through a partnership with The Heritage Institute. The course, Bargue Drawing in the 21st Century Classroom, involves additional online discussions and assignments and is available for $360-$475 plus the cost of the DVI Introduction to Advanced Observational Drawing videos. For more information on how to get college credit for this course click here.

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