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Remy Cogghe


Born 1854

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Roubaix Aug.15 1902
22 rue des Fleurs (Nord)
My dear Mr Pretet,

Since I would like to exhibit my painting "Envoy" to the Roubaisian Salon which opens on Sept. 21, may I ask you to be kind enough as to remit it to Mr Ferret, packer at the Paris Salon before the 25 of this month, if every your Besanscon Salon ends before this date?
On the contrary, if you believe that you don't have enough time, could you please have it sent directly, at snail speed, from Besancon to Roubais, at my own expense if necessary so that it reaches me in time.
You would be very kind, as I know you are already, to inform me accordingly as soon as possible so that I can put everything in order before my trip to Italy, scheduled on this 18.
If my letter could not reach you in Paris, I shall receive your reply only in Venice (waiting mail) where I shall stay for 15 to 16 days.
The Lille exhibition is a succes all the way and leads to good business.
Looking forward to hearing from you, please accept, dear Mr. Pretet,
My best wishes
Remy Cogghe
NB Mr Ferret is in charge to collect the paintings from Paris and send them to Roubaix at the expenses of the Artistic Society

Remy Cogghe

Image courtesy of Don Kurtz