Eugene Napoleon Flandin

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Eugene Napoleon Flandin

French Orientalist artist

Born 1803 - Died 1876

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MrCave (?)

Head of the Dividision of the Beaux Arts

May 31st

Dear Sir,

Please allow me to offer you a token of my gratitude for your kindness in replying to my query. The souvenie I wish you to agree to, is a reduction of a painting I would be happy for you to chose. I believe it could be exhibited in one of the museum of the State, and I would be very much obliged if you could have it placed beside it. You know, Sir, that the fate of a young artist often depends on his capacity to work without too much worry.
I am not askingvery much for a paiting of the great place of (Marseille, Verseilles, Brussels ????);
If you could only let me have enough so that I can keep working until the next exhibition and giving me a chance then to reach these fine prospects I am looking for. I shall always remember that you contributed to them.
Faithfully yours,
Eugene Napoleon Flandin

Image courtesy of Don Kurtz

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Image courtesy of Don Kurtz