Etienne Prosper Berne-Bellecour

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Etienne Prosper Berne-Bellecour

French painter

Born 1838 - Died 1910

Born in Boulogne (Pas-de-Calais, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France)

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father of

  • Berne-Bellecour, Jean Jacques (1874-)

student of

teacher of

  • Berne-Bellecour, Jean Jacques (1874-)

       Mr. President
       and Dear Colleague,

       Since I have to
leave tomorrow morning, it will be
impossible for me to attend to the meeting
of the Commission des Fêtes that will be
held during the day.
     Hoping to be able to be
free for the next convocation,
I remain, my dear Colleague,
with all my regrets,
Sincerely yours.

     Ã‰tienne Berne-Bellecour

Image courtesy of Don Kurtz