Henry Lejeune

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Henry Lejeune

English painter

Born 1820 - Died 1904

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Image courtesy of Don Kurtz

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8. Kensington Park Villas
Notting Hill
29 April 1856

Dear Sir,
The sketch arrived at the moment when I was so much occupied, that having glanced at it to see that it was uninjured, I put it carefully by & am sorry to say had quite forgotten it. however, I have now carefully examined it & find it very much what I expected except that it has been slightly enlarged, & the foreground painted, since it left my easel. I can only therefore repeat my offer of finishing it for 40 guineas. With regard to merely partially touching on it, I fear it would prove so exceedingly unsatisfactory both to you & myself, that I must really decline doing so.
I remain dear Sir

Yours very truly

Henry Le Jeune

R.S. Cooper Esq

Image courtesy of Don Kurtz

Image courtesy of Don Kurtz