David Wilkie

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David Wilkie

painter, draftsman and printmaker

Born 1785 - Died 1841

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apprentice of

  • Wynfield, David Wilkie (1837-1887)

brother of

  • Wynfield, David Wilkie (1837-1887)

student of

  • Graham, John (1754-1817)


associate member of

  • Royal Academy of Art from 1811

24 Lower Phillimore Place
Kensington May 30th, 1815

Dear Sir,
I feel greatly honored by the wish you have expressed of possessing one of my pictures, and should if agreeable to you be very happy to undertake such a subject as you describe. If the picture were 10 inches by 12 inches the price would be about 60 guineas & if it were 12 by 15 inches about 80 guineas.
I cannot say when such a picture could be begun as it might be some time before a subject would present itself. I have the honor to be

Dear Sir
Your very obedient humble servant

D. Wilkie

John Gladstone Esq

Image courtesy of Don Kurtz

Image courtesy of Don Kurtz