Nicolas-Louis Cabat

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Nicolas-Louis Cabat


Born 1812 - Died 1893

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teacher of

To Eugene Fromentin

My dear friedn, I am leaving next Tuesday and I would be happy to see you before my departure. If you are free next Sunday, you would be very kind as to come to have supper with us, without ceremony. Mr. and Mrs. Homme would also be very pleased to see you and they sincerely hope that you will be free. We are reading with great interest the "Sahel" you were kind enough to send to Mr. Homme and myself. With our best thanks we are looking forward to seeing you and send ourmost sincere compliments. Seeing you the, I hope, my dear friend,
Always yours Louis Cabat
Tuesday morning March 22, 1859
Supper at 6.00p.m.

Image courtesy of Don Kurtz