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Mikel Olazabal

ARC Associate Living Master TM

Spanish 21st Century Realist artist



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Mikel Olazabal was born in Vitoria, Spain. He graduated from the Bilbao Fine Arts Public University. Feeling that he had to seriously start learning some artistic technical rudiments, he decided to go to NY for that purpose. There he enjoyed the growing figurative movement.

He has exhibited in the USA and Spain, has various paintings in the MEAM museum in Barcelona and in the Forbes collection in NY. His art covers a wide variety of themes, having the description of the figures and the narration of their situations as central elements of the scenes. With a careful attention to details, he brings to life an imagined moment and talks to us about certain aspects of the adventures, wishes, and eternal desires of the human being.

"I like thinking about art as a medium to remind us that what makes us feel uncomfortable is transitory, and that confidence, beauty, and strength are indeed a long lasting state of being and a vision to reach for, a goal. I see the process of painting like an adventurous challenge before disgust and boredom. Painting is like a little process of choices that allows us to harmonize with our sincere and deep need of self-assertion among what there is around us and our expectations and questions. Hoping with all this to recreate a particular unconcious vision of man and its existence."

For more information, please visit mikelolazabal.com.