Dmitry Sevryukov

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Dmitry Sevryukov

ARC Living Master TM

Russian 21st Century Realist artist

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Dmitry Sevryukov is a modern realist artist. The breathtaking beauty of his works attracts many fans of realism.

From his childhood, he had a dream and did all he could to get it. He worked hard to develop himself as a painter. Dmitry improved his abilities in the workshops of talented teachers. Due to them we can admire his pictures which seem revived from the past. Unbelievable, realistic images strongly impress the viewer with small details. When you look at the paintings again and again, you can see new and meaningful details which are so important across the entire composition that are not noticed at first sight.

Everything the artist paints is transferred with accuracy and love. Every lively stroke of the brush is the impulse of the soul, trembling of the heart, the vital necessity to create.

Everybody has thought about the true meaning of the term "Art". There are many sources where you can find the common value of the word, but the most important thing isn't how the society values the works of contemporary artists but if they make your heart beat faster. Big words that we use to describe each work of art are not as important as the inner world the painter tried to express. And most important is the how understandable and close to you the painting is, if you enjoy every time you cast a glance at the picture.