Marcos Damascena

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Marcos Damascena

ARC Associate Living Master TM

Brazilian 21st Century Realist artist and teacher

Born 1981

Born in Pocoes Bahia, Brazil

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Marcos Damascena was born in Poções Bahia in 1981 and rooted in São Paulo, where he began his artistic career studying with what was considered the biggest names in art education in his country. He studied drawing technique and live figure drawing with professor Luis Alberto, in the Association Paulista of Fine Arts. Afterwards, he studied the theory of color and anatomy of animals, with emphasis on the study of horses with the master, Jorge Abraham Esteves.

His talent developed with surprising speed. Damascena defined his style by painting in thin layers and depicting extraordinary details, a quality that has enabled him to be honored with several awards.

Deciding to depict recognizable forms, he then began a new phase of his career using the human being as the basis of his work. He focused on the soul of the subject in various stages and the expressions and intimate moments intrinsic to each individual. The characteristic details drew the attention of several critics and dealers, marking his presence in Brazilian realistic painting.

He is praised by critics as being both classical and modern. Damascena is a legacy in Brazil, hailed for his technical and creative skill. He is one of the founders of the vanguard realistic movement of ARV.

Professional Experience
  • Professor of drawing and painting
  • As profound connoisseur of art Marcos Damascena also conducts lectures and workshops, which led him to be repeatedly invited as a Member of juries in various salons of renown, such as the APBA (Association Paulista de Belas Artes)
  • Member of the Academy of Modern Art in Rome
In the magic of form suggested by nature, Marcos Damascena intervenes with his imagination and creativity and blends different cultural matrixes, arousing multiple feelings and sensations in the observers of his works. The artist builds his work by means of form and color and is capable of transmitting the subject in complete harmony and poetry. With good technique and richness of detail, he outlines the theme on the canvas. The clear drawing is filled with playful shades of light, which slowly reduces and mitigates to soft and evocative lighting.
-Emanuel Von Lauenstein Massarani - art critic and Superintendent of Cultural Heritage of the Legislative Assembly of the State of Sao Paulo

Main exhibitions
  • Exhibition: Coletiva negro sim! Centro cultural de Suzano 2006
  • Exposure: Coletiva negro sim! Centro cultural de Suzano (2) 2007
  • Exhibition: Olhar rural. Centro cultural de Suzano 2007
  • Exhibition: Dos professores. Centro cultural de Guarulhos 2008
  • Exhibition: Artist founder of the Museum of Sport. SP MESP 2009
  • Exhibition: Veil of expressions. Legislative Assembly of Sao Paulo 2009
  • Exhibition: Cores de maio. Galeria fakiane em campinas 2010
Main Awards
  • First Art Salon of Embu: gold Medal
  • International Salon of gauge NAFA line: Gold Medal
  • APBA Hall of Nature Dead: Silver Medal
  • APBA Hall of Thumbnail: Bronze Medal
  • APBA Hall of Spring: Rosa Bronze
  • Art Salon of Pine Trees: Bronze Medal
  • International Salon of Rome: Gold Medal
  • International Salon of Vienna: Gold Medal