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Laurie Anspach

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American 21st Century Realist

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Laurie's career began by earning a BA degree from the renowned Rhode Island School of Design. She began her remarkable career creating designs for leading fashion industry studios in New York City and for clients such as Macy's, Bloomingdale's, and Saks Fifth Avenue, and later designing for the top European market.

This early success allowed her to focus on her true passion of oil-portrait painting. Laurie's vision was to use her fascination with color, surface and texture to express her love for children, people and cultures.

"Artists have unique talents and visions they can bring to their communities that can help to nurture, inspire and support others".

In a project close to her heart, she is working with and the Heart Galleries, two national nonprofit organizations, to paint portraits of military families for dedicated service men and women who are being deployed oversees and to paint foster children in need of permanent homes. This portrait work has been recognized for its humanitarian efforts.

Laurie has provided clients with commissioned paintings for nearly 20 years and enjoys the entire process in servicing individuals and families as an artist.