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Daniel Martin Stephanian

ARC Living Artist TM

American 21st Century Realist

Born in United States

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P.O. Box 60034
Colorado Springs, CO 80960
Email: danstephanian@gmail.com
Phone: (719)473-6394

In the Sixties and Seventies I was keen on making a social statement in my work, but nobody cared and nobody bought my art despite some praise, because they didn't want my opinion on their living room wall. I couldn't blame them. I had to examine why was I doing the artwork.

In the Eighties I gave it all up and got a job to pay debts. By backing away from the art for a couple of years, that allowed me to miss parts of the task. I rediscovered my love of drawing and finding beauty in nature.

Driving past a landscape scene that razzle-dazzled my eye became painful and in the Eighties I was doing pencil and pastel at a mad pace. It wasn't enough, I needed acrylic, more pastel, more watercolor, gauche and egg tempera. The art had me again.

However, that experience simplified my statement to a decision between music and noise. This view came from an English friend who asked me if I would pay to go to a piano concert where the artist had never learned how to play piano? Naturally I said no and so he asked, "Then why would you do abstract, or expressionist painting? After all, he's really not a pianist, he's just making noise, isn't he, not music."

Every day I'm excited to learn my instrument, practice my scales and create fun, interesting and beautiful music on canvas and paper. That may be old fashioned, but its better than noise. When you see a collection of my work on the wall, expect to be entertained.

And I lived happily ever after.

-Dan Stephanian