Welleran! And the Sword of Welleran

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Sidney H. Sime


Symbolist, Golden Age Illustrator, painter and illustrator

Welleran! And the Sword of Welleran


From Dunsany's The Sword of Welleran:

"And Rold gripped upon the hilt of the great curved sword, and the sword seemed to lift a little. And a new thought came into the hearts of Merimna's people as they gripped their grandsires' swords. Nearer and nearer came the heedless armies of the four Kings, and old ancestral memories began to arise in the minds of Merimna's people in the desert with their swords in their hands sitting behind Rold. And all the sentinels were awake holding their spears, for Rollory had put their dreams to flight, Rollory that once could put to flight armies and now was but a dream struggling with other dreams.

"And now the armies had come very near. Suddenly Rold leaped up, crying: 'Welleran! And the sword of Welleran!'"