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Emile-Antoine Bayard


Academic painter and draftsman

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Sandeau[?] Oct 12 (replied on Oct 14th)

Dear Sir,

I am sending you by railways the two woods [woodblocks] you requested. Would you please make some recommendations to the engrave?
- The treatment of these woods is lightly plain [simplified?] as it happens usually to all copies. The "1871" needs specially to be enhanced when engraved. This is all for the effect. Now it is important that the heads are very carefully handled even at the detriment of the remaining parts.
I do not wish to discuss a price for these drawings. I would be obliged if you could tell me whether it is my friend Andre Lefèvre[?] who will will write the article going with these drawings. In such case, I shall ask him to let the engraver understand, without appearing too insistant, that "1870-1871" would make a charming New Year's gift.
I am preparing some ads on this subject. The weight of an article in your interesting[?] newspaper would be a great help onto the public.

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