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Charles Francois Marchal


Charles Marchal Letter Page 2

Congratulations! But what would Cadet Roussel say who have so many illusions on your behalf! This is very well done and rejoice all your friends here. For the last ten days, we were told that you had a daughter, and it appears that it is a boy. Everything is therefore all for the best. Please kiss for me your housewife who has worked as a fairy and the baby Pierre whose beginnings were so successful at the moment in Paris. We did not make the war only for the beautiful silence of the Schlittenbach and so that the small Pierre may listen to the tits (mesange) singing when he arrived to this world.

The fate managed all these joys to you and you well deserve them. You see that there is still a justice in this world.

Meanwhile, the fate made me some mishaps and the devil forgot to oil his tail the day I took it. I walked inadvertantly into some (?) grands(?) and it did not bring me luck? I shall wash my feet when I get out and that is it! My hands are white and my conscience pure, and that is enough for me. My friends' esteem makes me absolutely happy. I received enough token of esteem so that I can stand all the injustices that will be imposed on me.

Sapristi! Now when we will wish to kiss all your family, we will have to get up early. Fortunately we have enough kisses in our heart for those we love.

I kiss you all

Long life to the small Pierre

Charles Marchal



Credit: Don Kurtz