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Antoine Auguste Ernest Hebert



Hebert Letter Page 1

Mr Rambaud
Ministre des la Fonction Publique et des beaux Arts
Paris, March 17, 97

Mr le Ministre,
Mr Laurent Doillet, architect, informs me that he is postulating for the Academic Palms and that his father in law, Mr. Mouget Bey, made an intercession with you in his favor. Please let me reinforce his effort.
Mr. Doillet, inspector of the works with the Assistance Publique as an architect, laureate of several public concourses and nominated at the Salon, has, in my opinion, another title which gained all my sympathy. He offered to be without charge the architect for a monument that some friends and myself just erected in the memory of the well known violinist, Pierre Maurin on a space ground given to us by the Paris City at the Pere Lachaise.
As the prsident to the subscription committee for this monument, please let me support the request of Mr. Doillet and to beg you to grant him the Academic Palms as a thanks for the free service he offered to us.

I remain, Monsieur le Ministre, your most devoted servant
E. Hebert
Member of the Institute, Grand Officier de la Legion d'Honneur
Bd Rochechouart 55

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Credit: Don Kurtz