View Across Lake Orta to Isola San Giulio

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Gulay Berryman

View Across Lake Orta to Isola San Giulio

81.3 x 101.6 cms | 32 x 40 ins

    View across Lake Orta to Isola San Giulio, Italy


                                                     Oil painting by Gulay Berryman


Lake Orta is the Eastern-most of Northern Italy’s breathtakingly beautiful lakes.  Just South of the town of Varese, it is much smaller and less known to travelers than Lake Maggiore, Lake Como, or Lake Garda.   In the midst of its sparkling deep blue waters lies the island of San Giulio upon which a Basilica was built beginning in the 9th century by the Bishop of Novara.  It is famous for its black marble pulpit and the frescoes painted in the 15th century.   Only an hour’s drive from the hustle and bustle of Milan’s noisy streets, a weekend outing to view the tranquility of Lake Orta from the shoreside village of Orta San Giulio is a favorite escape for city-weary Italians.