Quiet Beginnings - Dance of Spring

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Mary Pettis

born 1953

Quiet Beginnings - Dance of Spring

24 x 36 cms | 9 1/4 x 14 ins
Oil on linen

"Quiet Beginnings - Dance of Spring" was created in my studio from a 16” x 24” plein air, a favorite motif 100 steps from my studio door. When I am painting in a place close to my heart, something deep inside of me resonates, and I am compelled to recall and explore my experience on a more profound level in the studio. There, I have the space and time to contemplate what moved me so, and I can more accurately translate what I loved through the paint. This day, the warm spring air was calling the new grass through last year’s ochres so fast that I could barely keep up. I could smell the moist earth, and each time I looked, the pageant in the sky became more dramatic - the sun peering in and out of the clouds. My humbled thoughts were, “How can I share this extraordinary beauty without overstating it?” Impossible.