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London Atelier of Representational Art



LARA, 371 Clapham Road, London, England, United Kingdom

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LARA offers a full-time and part-time three term Foundation, and a full-time and part-time nine term Diploma, alongside Easter and Summer Schools and an exciting programme of short courses and throughout the year. With flexible payment options (including a pay in instalments programme) and the option to study across evenings and weekends, our courses are accessible to all.

LARA was established in 2008 in response to the rarity of rigorous representational art training in the UK. We are delighted that our alumni now work in fields as diverse as portraiture, digital concept art for video games, scenic art for theatre and contemporary fine art. Many of our alumni have won prestigious awards such as the Columbia Threadneedle Prize.

On the Foundation and Diploma courses, our tutors, all atelier-trained, use the 'sight size' method and our carefully designed curriculum to teach our students the fundamental concepts of proportion, line, gesture, form and light. Once drawing is mastered the student is introduced to colour theory and moves into working in oils. Throughout the course the teaching day is split between drawing or painting from the nude model (on sustained poses of no less than thirty hours) and working on cast drawing or painting projects, still-lives and portraits. Students receive at least two one-to-one critiques each day from the tutor and their progress through the curriculum and development is well recorded. 

With such tailored teaching we are able to cater to all levels of training and experience on our Foundation and Diploma. Similarly, unless stated, our short courses are open to students at any point of their art education. In general the maximum number of students on a short course will only be eight or ten so the tutor has the resources to help you according to your individual requirements.

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Founded 2008
Course languages English
Part-Time Instructors 13
Full-Time Instructors 3
Students 36
Accommodation No

Part time: GBP 1600 / semester

Full time: GBP 9450 / year


371 Clapham Road

London, England, United Kingdom

The Clown | BP Portrait Award | Anastasia Pollard

Bryan | Royal Society of Portrait Painters | Luca Indraccolo

Iska by Luca Indraccolo

The Abandoned Soldier | Trafalgar Square James Napier

Paul McCartney | Madame Tussards | Jethro Crabb

Royal British Society of Artists | Sofia Welch

Archbishop of Canterbury | Simon Watkins

Corinne by Anastasia Pollard | BP Portrait Award 2016

Kimbal by Sofia Welch | ARC Scholarship

Michael | Lucas Garcia

ARC Scholarship | Charlie Pickard

The Sculptor | BP Portrait Awards 2018 | Jamie Coreth

Daniel Sequeira | Exhibited at The Discerning Eye

Luca Garcia | Royal Society of Portrait Painters

ARC Scholarship | Svetlana Semenova

ARC Scholarship Winner | Edith Dormandy

St Benedict | Charlie Pickard

Rainbow-Bear | Sally Furest

Diggins | Arvid Antonesn

Pop | Sally Furest

Ella | Alastair Brown

Threadneedle Winner | Lewis Haselwood Horner

RBA Artist of the Year | Lizet Dinemans

Winnner of BP Young Portrait Award | Jamie Coreth

Figure Studio | Easter Course

Cast Studio | Full & Part Time

Drop in Figure Drawing | Open to all

LARA Studio | Study part-time or full-time, weekdays evenings or weekends

A LARA student working on a still-life

30 March 2020 to 03 April 2020

Easter School Drawing and Painting Bootcamp

371 Clapham Rd, London, England SW9 9BT

435 GBP

23 March 2020 to 27 March 2020

Alla Prima Portraiture | Masterclass Learn to paint an alla prima portrait

371 Clapham Rd, London, England SW9 9BT

650 GBP

The aim of this Masterclass is to develop our ability to perceive and paint the head as a whole. Rather than thinking of a portrait as a collection of individual features, our emphasis will be on seeing the structure of the head, within which the features can later be painted.

02 May 2020 to 03 May 2020

Basics of Oil Painting | Workshop Learn the basics of representational oil painting.

371 Clapham Rd, London, England SW9 9BT

250 GBP

This two day course will teach you the basics of representational oil painting.

11 May 2020 to 15 May 2020

Portrait Drawing | Masterclass Create a fully-realised portrait drawing on this five day Short Course.

371 Clapham Rd, London, England SW9 9BT

600 GBP

n just five days you will learn and apply the fundamental principles of drawing from the live portrait model. You will leave this Masterclass with a finished portrait drawing which you can frame or submit to a number of open call exhibitions.

During this course you will be using the sight-size technique, an effective way of measuring and assessing your work, to create an accurate and realistic portrait with a great likeness.

As well as giving you a solid grounding in drawing, this course will take you through the key concepts in portraiture. Many students take this course as a stand-alone experience but you may wish to consider using it as a stepping-stone to a Portrait Painting Masterclass.