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8r Via Luna, Firenze, Toscana, Italy

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TIAC Academy offers "Core Level" Workshops,  focused on the techniques and skills relevant for representational painters and sculptors, and "Master Level" workshops which offer to artists the opportunity to learn from living contemporary masters. TIAC Academy is also working on a Bachelor degree program that will be launching soon. We believe in a Universal Artistic Philosophy that aims to explore topics that are of the eternal human condition or contemporary issues that are pressing now.


 Core Level workshops focus on the techniques and skills relevant for representational painters and sculptors.  This includes anatomy, cast studies and working from life.  Some workshops are beginner level and some are high-level training on more advanced skills. 


Master Level workshops offer artists the opportunity to learn from living contemporary masters. Students learn the master’s technique, and philosophy while being enriched from working among artists from all around the world.  Portfolio review and artistic mentoring is an important component of TIAC Master Level Workshops.


TIAC Academy is distinct in the way that it offers students an interdisciplinary curriculum and the accelerated learning experience to develop as artists. At the same time, TIAC Academy strives for a level of excellence, investigation, and cultural relevance that makes TIAC Academy truly special. The programs are tailored for helping students to find their unique artistic goals with the art world’s most influential mentors, promising opportunities of artist-residencies/exhibitions/scholarships, the components contribute to the professional transformation.  


Our engaged executive administration team and award-winning faculty of artists, scholars, and leading practitioners work in close proximity, sharing exceptional resources and establishing a forum for a vigorous exchange of ideas. Our workshops and bachelor programs are deeply immersive, and include lots of guidance, support and contact hours.  TIAC Academy wants students who can be fully engaged in this journey with us, who have the ambition to reach artistic autonomy and their full potential.


Founded 2018
Course languages English
Accreditation BA
Part-Time Instructors 6
Full-Time Instructors 2
Students 10
Accommodation No

Part time: EUR 2500 / month

Full time: EUR 15300 / year


TIAC Academy of Fine Arts Florence

8r Via Luna

Firenze, Toscana

Marty Welsh

Anatomy and Figure Drawing Teacher Assistant

Marty Wels is from Kansas City, Kansas. She completed her undergraduate degree in biology at the University of Dallas in 2013, after which she chose to continue her studies in painting at the Florence Academy of Art in Florence, Italy. Upon graduating from the three year painting program in 2017 she was offered a teaching position at the Florence Academy of Art. Today, she continues to teach there as co-director of the écorché program, in addition to working in her own studio and collaborates with TIAC Academy assisting Richard Greathouse in the anatomy and figure drawing core leve workshops.  She has taught private lessons and workshops in both Italy and the US.

Richard Greathouse

Anatomy and Figure Drawing Workshop Teacher

Richard Greathouse grew up in Nashville, Tennessee. After attending the architecture school at the University of Virginia from 2005 to 2006, he decided to devote himself fully towards painting and began his studies at The Florence Academy of Art in 2008. During his third year of study there, he was offered a job as a teaching assistant for both anatomy and painting. After completing the painting program in 2011, he stayed on for a 4th year of specialized study and has since continued teaching in both the Anatomy and Painting programs. In 2014, he was invited to Jersey City to help open the FAA U.S. branch there, heading up its Anatomy Program.  

In 2016, he returned to Florence to take on the position as Director of Anatomy at the FAA, as well as principal instructor in the second year of the Painting Program. In 2016 he also attended a human cadaver dissection course in San Francisco under Dr. Gil Hedley. In addition to his teaching responsibilities at the FAA, Richard teaches workshops both in the U.S. and in Italy. Richard currently resides in Florence, Italy, where he maintains a studio at the Florence Academy.   And collaborats with TIAC Academy for Core Level Workshops.

 Richard’s work focuses on our experience of Nature and draws inspiration from celebrating the mystery of our existence within it, often using the human figure as a means to do so. He believes strongly in the idea of art-making as an inward act, through which the artist is able to grow and improve him or herself not only as an artist, but as a person.  

 Richard has exhibited his work throughout the U.S. and Europe, and he is currently represented by Haynes Galleries in Nashville, Tennessee, and in Thomaston, Maine. His work has been collected internationally.  

Nicola Verlato

Composition and Creative Process Workshop Teacher

Nicola Verlato is known for his socially engaged paintings and sculptures which uses the strength and ability of figurative art to emotionally involve the viewer. In order to further empower his images, he uses an articulated process that combines classical techniques as well as modern technologies such as 3D Modeling programs like Maya and Zbrush. Verlato has shown his paintings, drawings, and sculptures in the United States and internationally, including the White Columns in New York, Museum of Modern Art in Arnhem, Prague Biennales, and an installation exhibited at the 2009 Venice Biennale in the Italian Pavilion. Verlato has shown alongside artists such as Erwin Olaf, Santiago Sierra, Shepard Fairey, Kehinde Wiley, Ronald Ophuis, José Lerma, Mark Ryden, and Robert Williams. His work is present in several public and private collections in countries such as USA, Argentina, Italy, Spain, Netherland, Denmark, Norway, China and Philippines. His work has been published in Art in America, Flash Art, Juxtapoz, Hi Fructose, Vogue Italia, Art Pulse, LoDown Magazine and more. Italian-American, b. 1965, Verona, currently based between Rome and Los Angeles

Scott Breton

Program Director and Teacher

Scott Breton is a figurative fine artist from Brisbane, Australia. After completing a science degree (BSc (Genetics) University of Queensland) and contemplating a career in biotechnology, Scott committed fully to pursuing art, continuing a classically leaning arts education and practice begun much earlier. In 2012 Scott won the highly contested A.M.E. Bale Travelling Scholarship, Australia’s largest national prize for developing the careers of traditional representational artists. This allowed Scott to do further study with contemporary classical artists in the US and Europe, and has contributed to his view of the relevance of Renaissance thinking and aesthetics in the Arts in the 21st century. Using a range of traditional drawing, painting and sculpting media as well as exploring digital counterparts to these, Scott sees plastic composition rather than any particular media as the core of the classical ethos. He is interested in how this sense of plasticity can be utilised by the contemporary artist. This endeavour seems to closely mirror a more general exploration of how the specifics of the contemporary human experience relate to and can be informed by insights about the human condition that have emerged across all of human history. To continue and expand his work in fine art education, Scott was a cofounder of The International Arts and Culture Group (TIAC Group) in 2016, and now spends his time between Brisbane, Australia and Florence, Italy, working on his compositions and TIAC's arts education projects.

Gerard Castellvi

Portrait and Cast Painting Workshop Teacher

Gerard Castellví was born in Montblanc, Tarragona (Spain). In 2008 he studied Graphic Design, at EADT Escola d’Art De Tarragona. Shortly after, he decided to switch to a Fine Arts BA at the University of Barcelona in order to develop his artistic practice. In 2012 after graduating, Castellví continued to refine his artistic approach and that year was offered a place to study at the Florence Academy of Art. Whilst studying at the academy, in order to understand other creative points of view, he enrolled on workshops with notable artists, such as Antonio Lopez, Golucho, Sangram Majumdar, Max Ginsburg and Stuart Shils. He has work in part of the permanent collection of the MEAM, The European Museum of Modern Art and The Royal Academy of Arts in Barcelona and has been a finalist in the international competitions, Figurativas’15 and Figuratuvas’17. He has also exhibited internationally in Hoki Museum in Tokyo and other cities such as Shangai, London, Salzburg, Madrid and Barcelona. Gerard currently lives and works in Barcelona, dividing his time between exhibiting and working as the Director of the Painting Program at the Barcelona Academy of Art.

Scott Breton Artwork

Scott Breton artwork

Scott Breton artwork

Scott Breton artwork

Scott Breton artwork

Nicola Verlato artwork

Nicola Verlato artwork

Nicola Verlato artwork

Nicola Verlato artwork

Nicola Verlato artwork

Presence By Gerard Castellvi

Deboraweb By Gerard Castellvi

By Travis Raymond Roberson

By Richard Greathouse

TIAC Academy Space in Florence

TIAC Academy Space in Florence

TIAC Academy Space in Florence

TIAC Academy Space in Florence

TIAC Academy Space in Florence

TIAC Academy Space in Florence

TIAC Academy Space in Florence

Antonio López Master Workshop

Golucho Master Workshop

Antonio López Master Workshop

Odd Nerdrum Master Workshop

04 November 2019 to 09 November 2019

Odd Nerdrum Master Workshop TIAC Academy - Florence

Via Luna 8r, Florence, Tuscany

2250 EUR

5% discount is offered during the checkout!




From the 4th to the 8th of November, participants will have two working sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Master Nerdrum is taking time to decide the theme of the workshop, therefore, more detail will be announced once he has pondered the best subject to work on during this third edition of the workshop.

During the classes, Master Nerdrum will give demonstrations, paint along with the participants and give advice and critiques throughout the day.

To know more about Odd Nerdrum click here.


On the 9th of November, the Italian artist Nicola Verlato will hold a 3-hour demonstrative class about Narrative Composition, during which he will share his personal practice and will connect it to the Renaissance type of process. The participant artists will be able to compare what they’ve learned during Master Nerdrum’s workshop with Verlato’s lecture, which will help them in the future to make much more thoughtful decisions during their personal composition process.

Nicola Verlato is an Italian-American, b. 1965, Verona, currently based between Rome and Los Angeles. To know more about him click here.