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The Da Vinci Initiative, part of a 501C3 nonprofit educational foundation, is a mission for visual literacy in our contemporary world. With a focus on K-12 public and private schools, the goal of this project is to provide skill-based learning in art education in order to deepen the understanding and applications of the visual language that surrounds us.

The Da Vinci Initiative believes that art can be taught and that teaching skills enhances student creativity. Teaching realist based art skills such as those implemented by Da Vinci and Michelangelo not only aligns with current educational research that other subjects currently embrace, but it also enhances the number of choices students can make when creating their own work.

Like teaching rhythm, tempo, and scales in music class so that a student has many tools to express themselves through music, so too is there a need for a skill-based education in the visual arts. By learning solid draftsmanship, color theory, paint handling skills, perspective, etc. students can expand their own toolbox for visual expression.

The Da Vinci Initiative's aim is to enhance visual literacy for both teachers and students with the following programs:

Classroom Resources
The Da Vinci Initiative is developing a series of educational videos and K-12 lesson plans. These lesson plans intend to both train teachers who may be unfamiliar with certain technical art skills and provide a direct learning experience for K-12 students in art classrooms. These resources will be made available online for homeschooling parents as well as adults interested in learning skill-based art methods and techniques.

The Da Vinci Initiative will send ambassadors to teacher conferences to share with teachers about skill-based learning methods and expose them to lesson plans that will challenge their students in new ways. The Da Vinci Initiative also hosts in-person workshops and educational retreats throughout the country to provide meaningful professional development experiences for K-12 art teachers. You can find a complete list of upcoming workshops here.

Professional Development
The Da Vinci Initiative, in addition to our in-person workshops many of which are available for professional development (CEU) clock hours, is developing a series of online courses which will involve live critiques from an atelier trained artist who specializes in skill-based methods. To view lessons from our first DVI online course, click here. Also, The Da Vinci Initiative will provide scholarship funds to teachers to attend courses that will teach them the advanced technical art skills they may not have had an opportunity to learn during their teacher training.

The DVI is working to create a series of online courses appropriate for both aspiring artists who wish to learn skill-based training methods and art teachers who wish to take this knowledge and implement it in K-12 Classrooms. The DVI is proud to present its first online course, Introduction to Advanced Observational Drawing.

Introduction To Advanced Observational Drawing


This class is an advanced observational drawing course comprising of 30 videos at approximately 10 minutes a piece, breaking down the drawing to the left into easy to understand segments. That is approximately 5 hours of instructional footage! The course, although appropriate for any adult who would like to acquire these advanced skills, is geared towards art educators with special bonus footage after many of the lessons with ideas of how to incorporate this type of training into K - 12 classrooms. In addition, the course will come with a series of free lesson plans for teachers and home schooling parents that can be use with their children and students and that utilize many of the foundational principles of this course.

After purchasing the course you will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to access the course within one business day.

To purchase the course, click here.
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The Da Vinci Initiative Online Courses

PO Box 28414

Seattle, United States

DVI Drawing Example

DVI Drawing Example