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Paris Academy of Art

78 Rue Raspail, Bois-Colombes, France

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The Paris Academy of Art is an art institute dedicated to high-level realist painting and drawing techniques.

The Academy is open to all those who, regardless of age, nationality or background, want to acquire the skills needed to become accomplished at realist painting or drawing.

By enrolling in the Paris Academy of Art, you are following in those illustrious footsteps and continuing a rigorous, demanding, excellence-based artistic tradition. Just as in other artistic disciplines, drawing and painting require precise and rigorous training, guided by the best art masters. The Paris Academy of Art offers a focused, excellence-oriented environment that favours that training.

It also emphasises the professor-student relationship, helping the student make progress Under the best conditions. Class sizes at the Paris Academy of Art are small and each student is individually supervised.

By the end of their time at the Paris Academy of Art, students will have the necessary skills to work in fields as varied as cinema, animation, video games and illustration. They may also choose to work as freelance artists. Whatever their choice may be, the Paris Academy of Art will provide them with the tools they need to achieve their goal.


Our method is both gradual and intensive and follows the same method that was used in the nineteenth-century Parisian studios. It pushes students to surpass themselves, allowing them to acquire the confidence they need to have a career as a high-level artist.

It is underpinned by four foundations:

  • the teaching of the fundamentals of painting and drawing by relying on the masters of the Italian Renaissance;
  • individual supervision: each student benefits from personalised supervision, though observing and analysing the work of others is essential;
  • controlled progression: each step in the learning process, defined ahead of time with instructors, must be acquired before moving on to the next step;
  • drive and a desire to work: studies are full time (more than six hours per day five days a week), allowing students to develop the self-discipline which will be essential to their future professional lives.



The Bachel'art is the flagship degree offered by the Paris Academy of Art. The degree is conferred after three years of study, including rigorous academic coursework and intensive studio experience. Students are guided in the cultivation of technical knowledge and the refinement of visual skills.
A small student-faculty ratio ensures that students receive maximum attention and one-on-one instruction.


The Class'art is a one-year intensive program designed to provide a strong foundation in descriptive art for students who intend to pursue further studies in academic or professional art schools worldwide. The curriculum includes rigorous coursework and studio engagement.

Admission into the Class'Art program is highly competitive. In addition to a portfolio (from 3 to 10 pictures), applicants are asked to submit a one-page personal statement that reflects influences, interests and motivations for applying to the Paris Academy of Art.

Instruction is conducted in English, and students are expected to have a working knowledge of the language.

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Every year, the school organises a series of practicums spread out over three seasons: spring, summer and autumn. Each season, an original programme is created and led by visiting lecturers, chosen for their talent.

Each programme is drawn up by Shane Wolf in cooperation with the director of the school.

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The instructors at the Paris Academy of Art are all graduates of the major international academies. They are all accomplished professionals who practice art in various fields. In addition to being long-time draughtsmen and painters, they have also been chosen due to their teaching abilities and because they work closely with students, both of which are essential to the teaching process.

Founder and director : François Supiot
Academic advisor : Shane Wolf

Patrick Byrnes
Danny Ferland
Jessica Artman
Sara Longo

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Shane Wolf

Born in 1976 in Cincinnati (USA), Shane Wolf studied at the Angel Academy of Art in Florence until 2009.
After teaching there for two years, he then moved to Paris. ShaneWolf only works from live models, drawing upon his knowledge of human anatomy and his imagination.
The international prizes and awards he has won include:

  • 1st and 2nd prize for the Best Nude from the Art Renewal Center in New York (2013);
  • gold medal, Salon de l'Académie Européenne des Arts (2013);
  • medal from the Société des Artistes Français (2012) and from the Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts (2011);
  • the Taylor Prize for his show at the Grand Palais (2011);
  • finalist, America China Oil Painting Artists League (2010).

François Supiot
François Supiot is a graduate of the École Supérieure d'Arts Graphiques de Paris(ESAG/Penninghen). He worked as a freelance artistic director for twenty years, and also does illustrations for the press and for publishers.
In 2014 he decided to return to drawing and, after having completed a course at the Barcelona Academy of Art and meeting Shane Wolf, he decided to bring the teaching of realist painting and drawing back to Paris, thus establishing the Paris Academy of Art.

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Founded 2017
Course languages English,French
Full-Time Instructors 5
Accommodation No

Full time: EUR 12000 / year

Paris Academy of Art

78 Rue Raspail

Bois-Colombes, France

Portrait by Danny Ferland

Portrait by Patrick Byrnes

Long pose by Jessica Artman

Long pose by Shane Wolf (Academic Advisor)

Portrait by Shane Wolf (Academic Advisor)